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Tuesday, 07 February 2023 16:13

Ask An Apprentice - George Welch

How long have you been at Lentells and what level are you working towards?

I have been working at Lentells for almost 5 months now, striving towards the Level 3 AAT Qualification

Why did you chose to do an apprenticeship in accountancy?

Throughout my learning life I have had a huge passion for mathematics, my favourite aspect of this was all of the problem solving and thinking out of normality to find solutions to various questions. In Accountancy this is quite often needed. When I was looking into future career options, Accounting was the first choice by far, now whether this was via a University Degree or via a working job where I can gain physical experience was the next question. From researching both ends I preferred the idea of an Apprenticeship, which would allow me to gain actual work experience and also the theory behind all activities through attending college one day a week. This work experience will (and has) allowed me to gather a greater idea of the accounting world as I can see how all aspects interlock and help each other; from VAT to the Accounts.   

How does the apprenticeship scheme work (e.g. day release at college and support in work?

This Apprenticeship involves four days a week at work and one day at college. The work aspect involves adapting the physical to the theory, so as we learn new topics in college, we can practise this by doing the actual procedures in the work place. At college one of the first things they introduce to you is off-the-job training, where we use our out-of-work learning to go towards building a portfolio, showing a greater idea of our progress throughout the apprenticeship programme. We also have on-the-job training which is all learning that occurs in the work place. At work I can gather help from any of my co-workers, but normally help is from another employee which has done this apprenticeship before me, so they know exactly the type of learning/advise I need. At college I am surrounded by other people in the same situation as me so we can always help each other to learn, and also I have a friendly and helpful tutor/teacher who will always answer any questions that crop up, complicated or not.

What type of work are you involved with?

At work, I complete all types of analysis for the Accounts containing the Statement of Profit and Loss, and the Statement of Financial Position. Which includes, collating and evaluating financial information into a form which is well-presented, easy to understand, compare and make decisions from bespoke to the client this is for. All of this is in the form of the ‘Working Papers’ in Excel, in which we use to prepare Draft Accounts and Tax Computations. All to be reviewed by a manager and/or director. I have also been learning Bookkeeping, involving the creating of VAT returns, which in future will be used to create the Accounts.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship?

Looking at all these benefits involving on the job experience which can be obtained when doing an apprenticeship here at Lentells, I would certainly recommend choosing an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking for a future career in accounting. It covers all aspects necessary to help you reach your future goals.

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